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Customer Support > Support Database: TealPaint


    Will TealPaint run on PalmOS 5 devices? (100%)
    Yes. TealPaint is fully compatible with PalmOS 5 devices like the Tungsten T.
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    Will TealPaint support 16-bit color or high-resolution displays? (100%)
    Yes. TealPaint 6 adds high resolution, landscape mode, full screen, and 16-bit color support as well as a wealth of exciting exclusive features like layers and multilevel magnification.
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    Will the Image Manager be available for the Macintosh? (100%)
    Macintosh utilities can be downloaded from the
    TealPaint Software Page. The simple PICUTIL converter program converts TealPaint images to and from BMP files, which aren't very common on the Mac, but are understood by graphics programs like Photoshop. We also provide links to GraphicConverter 4.0.1, Macintosh shareware by Lemkesoft, and tptobmp, a Perl Script that runs on Mac, Unix, and Linux machines. There are no plans for a more comprehensive converter, as we don't have the capability to make one.
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    When I enter my registration key, the programs asks me for an additional Update Key. (100%)
    This will happen if you registered an older version of TealPaint and are entering this key into TealPaint 6. Check our
    Upgrades Page to see if you qualify for a free upgrade to TealPaint 6. If entering an upgrade key, remember that you need to first enter your old TealPaint 5 key before entering the upgrade key.
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    Can I get a free upgrade to TealPaint 6?  (100%)
    Check the
    Upgrade Page to see if you qualify for a free upgrade. We are providing this strictly as a courtesy to recent customers who purchased after the TealPaint 6 update was available on the Beta Test Page. Please understand that TealPaint 6 was written from scratch as a completely new program and that the small upgrade fee allows us to continue updating our software and answering customer emails.
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    When I enter my update key, it's not accepted. (100%)
    Make sure to read the message you get after entering it. If you've upgraded from an older copy, you must enter your original TealPaint5 key first before the update key.
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    When I use some of the drawing tools under PalmOS 5, I get "jaggy" lines. (100%)
    If you're getting a stair-step pattern when you draw, make sure you have grid snap turned off. If the shakiness is less regular, try drawing in the NotePad application to confirm it is not a hardware error or flakiness in the screen digitizer. Try turning off any Hacks, drivers, and background applications you may be running. There is a known bug in the Palm Keyboard Driver which interferes with pen movement on the screen. Turn off the keyboard driver, if installed. Lastly download the
    Palm digitizer update if you are running a Tungsten T, or the Palm Treo 650 1.12 updater for Treo 650 phones.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I try to grab images from some programs, they come out in funny colors. (100%)
    TealPaint only support the standard PalmOS palette when running in 8-bit mode. Images grabbed from graphics applications which use a custom 8-bit palette instead of 16-bit mode will come out in the incorrect colors because of this.
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    When I try to re-enter TealPaint after grabbing an image, the program crashes. (100%)
    Make sure you are running TealPaint 6 or higher. Older versions did not support screen grabbing 16-bit mode screens.
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    When I export oversized images to .BMP files, they come out mangled (100%)
    Make sure you have a recent version of the TealPoint Image Manager (6.0 or higher) which supports oversized images.
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    When try to find some PDB files that I downloaded, I can't find them anywhere in RAM or my external cards. (100%)
    All PalmOS files appear on your PC as either PDB (Pilot Data) or PRC mean it is a TealPaint file. Most likely, this file is an Imageviewer file instead, which is a different image format from TealPaint, as TealPaint databases are not a common format for image exchange.
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    When I draw the pen ink disappears when I lift the pen. (100%)
    If you have multiple layers, make sure you are not drawing on a hidden background layer. If the foreground layer is filled with any color other than pure white (transparent), it will obscure any layers behind it.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I run UMDH with TealPaint, the memory display shows "zero"-k total memory. (100%)
    The UMDH program "hacks" PalmOS into allowing you to have more data heap than is normally available, and required by a few programs (mostly Gameboy simulators) that were ported to PalmOS and now written to run normally within PalmOS memory. As TealPaint was written to use the PalmOS native memory structure, there is no benefit from running UDMH. The "0k free" problem seems to be from UDMH returning an incorrect value, which can cause graphic problems or even divide-by-zero crashes in various program that try to display a memory graph. We recommend disabling UDMH when running any TealPoint programs.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I try to open a 16 bit truecolor 576 X 528 image in TealPaint, I get the following error: "Not enough memory to allocate screen buffers at the requested size and resolution."  (100%)
    This error message means that your device does not have enough working memory to open an image that big. You can try to free up more memory on the device or reduce the number of undo buffers that you have set in preferences. An image that size takes up about 600k per undo buffer, plus 600k for an image buffer and another 600k to save the compressed image.
    Thanks, that helped!

    How can I get TealPaint pictures to/from my PC? (100%)
    The easiest way to transfer images is to use TealPaint's 'Import from JPEG/GIF/BMP' and 'Export to JPEG/GIF/BMP' menus to transfer files to/from an external storage card or internal card volume.

    Without a card, you can use the 'TealPoint Image Manager' under Windows to view, import, export, and print images in TealPaint format databases. There is also a DOS version under that allows you to do the same operations from a batch file.

    These utilities work on PDB files backed up onto your PC when you HotSync. First check to make sure the database is marked for backup in the image database 'Details' screen, then HotSync to transfer the image to the desktop.

    The Palm desktop software backs up your organizer's files in a folder named after your HotSync name in your Palm install directory. For instance, if you installed the software in a folder called "C:\program files\palm", and your HotSync name was "Joe Schmo", then your files would be there in the folder named "schmoj\backup".
    Thanks, that helped!

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