Read and Edit Documents on the Go

Product Details
Read, edit, and browse documents, Doc files, eBooks and text files with TealDoc, the enhanced doc reader. With extensive display and customization options, TealDoc is unmatched in features and usability.

Standard features include editing, search and replace, screen rotation, anti-aliased text, high resolution FontBucket fonts, smooth scrolling, full screen mode, beaming, and direct full support for docs and plain text files stored on external VFS-compatible media cards such as SD/MMC, compact flash, and Memory Stick. Only TealDoc offers all this and supports enhanced documents with HTML-like tags for inserting TealPaint pictures, oversized scrolling bitmaps, hyperlinks, hidden bookmarks, and stylized headers.

TealDoc even offers full support for the high resolution displays and full screen modes of devices from Palm, Sony, HandEra, Samsung, and Alphasmart. TealDoc is PalmOS 5 compatible.

  • Reads Doc files
  • Reads plain text files
  • Edits Doc files
  • Edits plain text files
  • Advanced search options
  • Search and replace
  • BDicty word lookup
  • System fonts
  • FontBucket fonts
  • Hires fonts
  • Anti-aliased text
  • Bonus tiny monospaced font
  • Multispeed auto-scroll
  • Screen rotation
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Full screen mode
  • Document beaming
  • Private documents
  • Encrypted documents
  • Visor flash compatible
  • OS flash ROM compatible
  • SD/MMC flash compatible
  • Compact flash compatible
  • Memory Stick compatible
  • MemPlug flash compatible
  • Embedded TealPaint images
  • Stylized header text
  • Scrollable oversized images
  • Hyper-link buttons
  • Links to external apps/players
  • Handera 330 hi-res/jog dial
  • Sony hi-res/jog dial
  • Palm hi-res/5-way
  • Samsung full screen +
  • Sony full screen +
  • Alphasmart wide screen
  • Sony landscape mode
  • Palm landscape mode
  • TealDoc Maker - Windows converter
  • PalmOS 5 compatible
Screenshot1- TealDoc   Screenshot2- TealDoc
Screenshot3- TealDoc   Screenshot4- TealDoc
TealDoc retails for $9.95. Availability is immediate on the TealPoint Software web site at www.tealpoint.com. Site licenses for 50 or more units are also available. To download a free trial copy, visit the TealDoc page at http://www.tealpoint.com/softdoc.htm, or for more information contact support@tealpoint.com.
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