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Customer Support > Support Database: TealPrint


    Will TealPrint work with my model printer? (100%)
    We have no ability to test specific printers other than the few we have in the office. Fortunately, TealPrint is fully functioning in its trial version, so we encourage you to test it first for yourself before making a purchase decision. Since printers each have their own different graphics "language", a different driver needs to be written to print graphics for each printer or line of printers from the same manufacturer. For text-only printing, however, almost all printers will support basic text using the generic driver, and any printer will HotSync print in both graphics and text modes.
    Thanks, that helped!

    Will TealPrint support data from program [xxx]? (100%)
    Direct support for printing to TealPrint from within third party application has to be added by the specific program manufacturer. We provide support and a developer's kit on our
    Developer's Page to help this do this easily. If you have a program which could benefit from TealPrint support, please contact its developer and encourage them to add it.
    Thanks, that helped!

    Will TealPrint work if I can't find a driver for my printer.  (100%)
    Yes. A printer-specific driver is usually only necessary for printing graphics or text in graphics mode. Most printers support raw text printing, which is all some other printing programs support. To print in raw text mode, use the generic driver. The exception is for HotSync printing. With HotSync printing, you can print either text or graphics using the HotSync Spooling driver to any Windows printer, as the data translation will be handled by automatically by Windows. No special driver is necessary.
    Thanks, that helped!

    Is TealPrint compatible with PalmOS 5? (100%)
    Yes. Make sure you have installed 2.0 or newer versions of the program and all drivers.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I try to print graphics with my HP-Photosmart printer using the HP-PCL driver, I get garbage symbols or nothing. (100%)
    Unlike all previous HP printers, HP's PhotoSmart line does not use PCL they use a proprietary new data format. Since they do not understand PCL, the HP-PCL driver will not work, and since the PhotoSmart data format does not seem to be published, we are not able to write a PhotoSmart-compatible driver for TealPrint.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I try to HotSync print, I can print a page to the spooling driver, but when I HotSync, nothing happens. (100%)
    To HotSync print normally, you must install TealPrint using the TPSetup installer program. This installs a Palm Desktop helper conduit that launches the PC-Spooler when spooled data is available. If you installed the Palm PRC files manually, this conduit will be missing.

    You can also HotSync print by manually launching the PC-Spool monitoring program every time before you HotSync. This older method should still probably work, but is cumbersome and no longer supported.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I try to HotSync print, I get some sort of system error on the PC. (100%)
    Try opening the PC Spooler and checking the "Print to Screen" menu item. Then close the spooler and HotSync again. If communication between from the Palm is working properly, it should print data to the screen. If this works, set the "Show Print Dialog" item. It will bring up a standard Windows print dialog before printing, allowing you to change your selected printer and Windows print settings before generating the page.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I try to print through a direct connection, nothing happens. (100%)
    Make sure your printer is on and properly connected and that your printer driver settings match your cable and connection. If this still does not work, run the printer driver directly from the applications menu, and print a test page directly from the driver to check the connection and settings. If you are using a parallel printer converter cable, your serial settings must match what the cable was designed for.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I try to print a second time through my parallel cable, nothing happens. It printed once. Now it doesn't. (100%)
    The printer converter cable circuitry may be locked up. If you're running a parallel converter cable, try disconnecting the cable temporarily from both the printer AND the Palm and waiting a few seconds to let the converter circuitry reset.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I try to print text and graphics together, graphics are not showing up, but text is okay (100%)
    Make sure you have your settings set to "Print as Graphics" and that your printer and printer driver both support graphics and are correct for each other.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I try to print in graphics mode, all I get is graphic junk symbols. (100%)
    Make sure your graphic printer driver is correct for your printer, and that your transfer speed set in the driver is correct. I your printer supports raw ASCII text, try printing text in text mode first to verify the connection.

    If you cannot find a graphics driver that works with your printer, you can still HotSync-print to it. Connect the printer to your PC, and select the "HotSync Spooler" driver in TealPrint. Print the page, then HotSync to transfer the file to your PC, where it should start printing.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I try to HotSync print, I get an "out of memory" error when printing on the handheld. (100%)
    When HotSync printing, the buffered data is dumped to a temporary file for transfer at the next HotSync. This file can be quite sizeable, especially for graphics printing. If printing text, try printing in text mode, which takes less space. Otherwise, you'll need to decrease the size of the page being printed, lower the resolution, or delete files and data off the Palm to free up more memory.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I print text with European/Hebrew characters, non-english text comes out as funny symbols instead. (100%)
    Your printer may use a different character set for European characters. Check your printer and printer driver settings.

    If the driver supports different character sets, try switching to another character set. For example, PCL printers default to using the PC-8 font set, which contains most european characters, but some only in lower case.

    Some printers have dip switches that let you switch to an alternate font code page, probably to the ANSI/Windows code page that PalmOS uses.

    If you are using a third-party utility to add language support to your device that PalmOS does not natively support (e.g. Czech, Hebrew, Russian, etc), then that utility most likely uses a custom code page that printers will not support in text mode. To support these languages, try printing in graphics mode with the appropriate graphics driver.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I print using a serial or parallel cable, I sometimes get junk characters instead. (100%)
    Try printing using a "Send Slow" and/or hardware (CTS) handshaking driver options, if available.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I try to print to an IR printer, the connection just times out (100%)
    Make sure the printer driver is set up to communicate in Infrared rather than serial. Turn on status display in the driver settings, if available, to further diagnose the problem. If you are using a Jet-Eye printer adapter, make sure you are running TealPrint version 1.30 or later. Lastly, make sure the printer is designed to communicate using the PC laptop IR printing standard. Printers using a proprietary interface meant for digital cameras will likely not work.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I try to print a multiple-page document, some pages are missing or don't print right (100%)
    Some printers require a "reset" time after printing a page before they can begin a new print operation. This is especially true for IR printing. Under TealPrint 1.5 or higher, go to the paper select screen and check the "Manual Feed" option. This will let you wait before each page to make sure the printer is ready. Also check cabling and handshaking options if on a serial or parallel connection.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I try to direct-print, I get a "Connection timed out" error every time. (100%)
    Make sure you disable any drivers or programs that may be using the necessary serial/IR/Bluetooth port. Specifically, if you have the Palm Portable Keyboard driver installed, be sure to turn it off.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I try to print over IR to my SiPix portable printer, data transfers very slowly. (100%)
    On some devices, the PalmOS IrDA library does not communicate well or at all with the SiPix printer. Reportedly, speed problems on at least some devices can be fixed by installing the latest driver for the Palm Universal (IR) Keyboard. This might be due to an included patch to the IrDA library.
    Thanks, that helped!

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