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Customer Support > Support Database: TealAuto


    Can TealAuto support imperial gallons or mixed metric and imperial units or currencies? (100%)
    Yes. TealAuto 2 supports not only independent selection of imperial US, and metric units for fuel and mileage display, but you can choose a different format or currency for every entry. This is extremely handy when traveling across state/national borders. Furthermore, you can specify currency conversion rates used to create totals in reports.
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    Can I specify odometer units? (100%)
    Yes. Each vehicle can individually be set to having an odometer based on miles or kilometers. This is independent of the global setting that lets you specify what units distances should be displayed in summaries and reports.
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    Will TealAuto work under PalmOS 5? (100%)
    Yes. TealAuto is fully compatible with PalmOS 5 and handhelds running ARM processors like the Tungsten T.
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    Can I view and edit TealAuto data on my PC? (100%)
    Yes. You can run TealAuto on your PC with the new TealAuto Desktop for Windows.
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    When I download and run TealAuto Desktop, it doesn't stay on my machine; I can't find any launcher shortcuts in the start menu. (100%)
    The TealAuto.exe download is not an installer; it's the program itself. When you download it, you should save it to a convenient location, such as your Windows Desktop. From there, you can run it directly, or manually make start menu shortcuts by right-clicking on the program and using the windows "create shortcut" menu.
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    How do I import my previous data into TealAuto for webOS? When I try importing a CSV it says the file is busy. (100%)
    If CSV importing is failing it is likely because you did an over-the-air upgrade to webOS 1.4.5. Palm has a known bug in their over-the-air installer that mistakenly write-protects the USB volume from pdk-apps. This prevents TealAuto from exporting data to the USB volume or writing temporary files that may be necessary for some importing operations. The problem doesn't occur if you had 1.4.5 pre-installed on your device or if you use webOSDoctor to (re)install 1.4.5. Still, if you had a previous installation of TealAuto, there is an easier way to import your data. Just find your original TealAuto2_Config.PDB and TealAuto2_History.PDB data files and copy them to the USB drive on the Pre. You can find these either in your Palm Desktop backup folder, or if you were running TealAuto for PalmOS under the "Classic" emulator, install TealMover or another file manager into Classic and use it to copy the TealAuto data files to the virtual SD card, which is really the "Classic" folder on the USB volume. If you had TealAuto for Windows, find it in the "TealAuto" folder in "My Documents" Once the files are copied to the USB volume, use the Import menu in TealAuto for webOS to just read the complete database in. Choose the "TealAuto 1.x DB" or "TealAuto 2.x DB" depending on which version of TealAuto you were previously running.
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    My TealAuto handheld registration key doesn't work in the TealAuto Desktop for Windows PC. (100%)
    The TealAuto Desktop is a separate product and does not use the same registration key as the handheld versions. It uses your computer network name for registration instead of your HotSync Name, so make sure you submit the correct Computer Name in the Desktop DeviceID field of the checkout page.

    Your Computer Name is displayed in the error message when you try to register with an invalid key.
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    When I generate reports, I'm getting incorrect calculations. The numbers are either very large or negative. (100%)
    Bad calculations are caused by missing or misentered odometer readings in the fuel, service and trip databases. Check for the following problems using the "odometer" pick list selections in each of the three list screens:

    1) Make sure all odometer entries are valid, and in increasing value by date. An entry with an extra or missing digit will yield really big total miles calculations.

    2) Make sure all trip entries appear with a distance entry in parentheses. When missing, the end miles are probably set to a value less than the start miles, which will overflow the calculations and show large or negative trip miles in the summary.

    3) If you find a problem, narrow the date range in the report until the values are normal and increase it to find the date of the bad entry.

    4) Check all vehicles for problems above, as totals default to being sums across all vehicles.

    5) Try version 1.33 or higher (check beta page), which marks trip entries in the list with negative trip distance or distance greater than 10000 with "!!!!!"
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I installed a new version, I lost my my previously-entered data. (100%)
    Before installing a new version, do NOT delete the previous version using the Palm Launcher as it will delete all your data as well. You may also run into a similar problem if you are using ZLauncher to "trick" TealAuto into storing your data on a card. This feature works by copying your data from the card before launching TealAuto and then copying it back afterwards. If you install and run a new copy of TealAuto directly into RAM, however, it will launch without copying the databases, causing TealAuto to create new blank ones in RAM.

    For these situations, you can probably recover your data looking for and reinstalling valid (non-empty) copies of the databases "TealAuto_History" and "TealAuto_Config" either in your Palm "backup" folder on the PC or on your SD card (for the ZLauncher case). Be sure to look for the PC-based backup files before you HotSync, or the new blank databases will overwrite the previous backups.
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    When I select the "synchronize" menu in TealAuto Desktop, I immediately get a Windows exception message that says "No Disk - Exception 0xc0000013" (100%)
    This ugly message is the Windows standard "Please insert a disk" dialog box. It typically happens becuase you have a card reader driver that has a drive letter mapped to an empty card slot.

    Make sure you are running TealAuto Desktop 2.03 or higher, which automatically supresses most of these messages.
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    When TealAuto calculates fuel efficiency (MPG) it uses the gallons purchased at the next fill-up, not the amount of gas from the fill-up before the trip. (100%)
    TealAuto's calculations are correct. When you drive a number of miles between full fill-ups, the amount gas you use is equal to the amount that you need to replenish AFTER you complete your drive. The amount you filled the tank BEFORE the trip is irrelevant, as that depends entirely on how low you emptied your tank on your last trip.

    The situation is similar to what you encounter when you rent a car. You fill up after you do your driving, and the amount you purchased is equal to how much you used, even though you drove using someone else's gas and somebody else after you gets to use the actual gas you bought.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I "synchronize" in TealAuto Desktop, the operation completes but I'm not seeing any handheld data. (100%)
    You must first run the same "synchronize" operation in the handheld version of the program, setting the "sync to" picklist to "TealAuto Desktop."

    For PalmOS, next perform a HotSync, making sure your Backup/System conduit in HotSync is set to "Handheld overwrites desktop."

    For Windows Mobile, just plug in your device to your PC and make sure ActiveSync connects with it before running the data sync on the Desktop app.
    Thanks, that helped!

    How do I import data from another program or spreadsheet? (100%)
    Most programs support exporting data to comma-separated-value (CSV) format. Use TealAuto's import feature to import CSV data which has been pasted into one or more MemoPad memos. Use sample exported data from TealAuto as a guide on how to correctly order and format the records, and see the
    TealAuto Manual for more information.
    Thanks, that helped!

    How do I move my existing data to a new handheld? (100%)
    TealAuto stores its data in two database files: TealAuto_Config.pdb and TealAuto_History.pdb. The former stores the customized vehicle, station, and account names and details, while the second contains the actual fueling, trip, and service entries. You should move both files together as a pair. To copy the data from one handheld to another, you can either use TealMover to beam these files, or you can find both of them in your backup folder for your old handheld. The backup folder can be found in your user name folder inside the Palm install folder the Palm Desktop program. Note that installing these files will replace any new entries you may have made on the new device.
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    How to I export data to my PC? (100%)
    The easiest way to convert data is to use the TealAuto Desktop for Windows PC. With just a handheld version, however, simply create a CSV Text report and using the 'Save to File' button to copy this data to a CSV file on an external SD/MMC/MS card that you can read on a PC using a card reader. You can also generate CSV-memo reports and cutting and paste the resulting memos from the Palm Desktop into a single CSV file. Please read the manual for more details on how to do this, and remember not to include the memo title lines when pasting them together.
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