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...and now for something completely different...

AquaSync for DMP1

AquaSync for DMP1 is an alternate synchronization program for the Omnifi mobile MP3 player, featuring more customization options and better reliability and stability than the standard SimpleCenter software that ships with the DMP1. Best of all, it's free for personal use.


AquaSync offers numerous benefits over SimpleCenter and other syncing solutions like Dmp1Sync, including:

  • Full easy-to-use graphical-based interface (GUI)
  • Customization of navigation menu structure and selections
  • Customization of menu and song title text
  • Ability to added custom user menus and text lists
  • Support for playlists
  • Support for navigation by folder
  • Batch mode
  • "In place" synchronization of mp3 files already present on the DMP1 hard drive
  • Ability to synchronize to a blank or newly-formatted drive
  • Filtering of problematical characters from title, artist, and album names
  • Filtering of problematical (48khz) mp3 files
  • Detailed log files for status/debugging purposes
  • Practically unlimited list of source file paths
  • Saving of all settings between sessions
  • Correctly finds and detects ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags
  • Automatic stripping of duplicate track numbers from song titles
  • Automatic stripping of duplicate artist names from song titles

Changes to Version 1.03 - December 12, 2005

  • Added automatic stripping of extra whitespace from end of artist/album/title names
  • Fixed crashes and truncated menus from songs with titles starting with a (negative) number
  • Fixed jumbled/missing menus from song collections with short artist names (less than 7 chars)
Changes to Version 1.02 - September 25, 2005
  • Added filtering of low ascii characters from titles and tags

Changes to Version 1.01 - September 12, 2005

  • Fixed (needs confirmation) missing menu subitems for every 25th menu

Changes to Version 1.00 - August 29, 2005

  • Added support for playlists
  • Added support for folder navigation
  • Added batch mode support
  • Updated to detect track numbers in file name if no ID3v2 tag found (two digits followed by "_ "or "-")
  • Improved organization by moving settings/work files to a subfolder named 'aquasync_files'
  • Fixed viewing of log file from within program
  • Fixed missing artist names if duplicated in filename by custom formatting tags
  • Fixed funkiness caused by long file names (greater than 50 characters)

DOWNLOAD AquaSync for DMP1 (Includes Manual in Word Doc format)

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